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Update! checkout the Newsmonk slider archive and 24 hours in new pictures Newsmonk EYE

Slider is a jquery based function i've knocked together to display content horizontally. Currently using hash fragments to make unique page urls, its prime to recieve window.history.pushState, when i get the time. Feel free to browse the source

Currently i use this as my active desktop, sideways scrolling helps navigate the results without the need to move windows to find the scrollbar, aquiring fresh content every 90 seconds and a simple 'click' to expand the full article its working well. All results are archived

Every 90 seconds the cache is repopulated with the latest news, so i'm thinking of bringing the archive to life, Digital history

News Monk

Newsmonk is an typical atomzone experiment with theguardian's open plaform, term extraction, media queries and the _escaped_fragment_

Term extractor now generates a slightly intelligent list of associated images, using the flickr API. Usefull or over-the-top? I cant tell yet

Laying pipe

Today atomzone adds a simple youtube interface to the collection. Latest uploads on youtube or just search

Next to compile all these single elements into one dynamic, speedy, accurate collection of content. All wrapped up in semantically excellent html5

Flickr in the eye

Images uses the ever popular Flickr API. Why would you ever rewrite a flickr search? fuck knows, just more atomzone mashup potential

Live stream of flickr images Get recent images

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} _escaped_fragment_

Such a simple idea but why are the requests blank? Did meta fragment overpower? Will Benga's profile be spidered against this page on atomzone even thought its loaded client side?

This should search LastFM for Benga's profile

If all else fails, populate the cache manualy Benga on the download


Artist uses lastFM, Musicbrainz and atomzone's API interfaces to profile performers, soon to come, streaming and download resources.

BBC Radio 1 playlist live good proof of concept but only seems to work for mainstream shows, which sucks